Crisis Management: What Manufacturers Need to Know Now

A crisis is a turning point for a business. A company can emerge from a crisis stronger than ever, or it may suffer damage that threatens its very future. Catalyst Connection worked with C4CS®, a leader in crisis management, to create this how-to guide on effectively preparing for and successfully responding to critical adversarial events, emergencies and crises. Management teams should not ask if their company will face a crisis but instead focus their attention on when, where, and how the next crisis is going to happen and what potential impact it will have. Enabling employees across business functions to be ready to respond in the best way possible must be the overarching goal.

This guide will help you to identify what types of crises manufacturing companies face, from an industrial accident, cyberattack or natural disaster, to labor disruptions, product malfunctions, social media allegations, pandemics, and business or regulatory changes. In addition, the guide provides valuable information on how to plan for and implement an effective crisis response, as well as the following areas: 

•    How crisis can be an opportunity to protect and enhance reputation, stakeholder trust and the bottom line
•    Fundamentals of crisis preparedness
•    Pre-crisis assessment, preparedness planning, crisis response, post-crisis analysis
•    Crisis Response Team and crisis exercises
•    Crisis management best practices

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What to Expect

Better to prepare than to repent!

Do not allow a culture of “it will never happen to us” to prevent your company from preparing to respond effectively to potential crises. Today’s 24/7/365 mainstream media and social media world, as well as nearly constant stakeholder pressure, mean that you will not have time in the midst of a disruption to come up with a plan.   |   412.918.4300   |   4501 Lytle Street, Suite 301, Pittsburgh, PA 15207