COVID-19 Recovery Assistance for Manufacturers

Strategic resources to guide Southwestern Pennsylvania’s small and mid-sized manufacturers through the COVID-19 recovery period

Catalyst Connection is proud to offer our newest free guide for small and medium-sized manufacturers across the region.

COVID-19 Recovery Assistance for Manufacturers provides our region's manufacturers with the available, accessible, and actionable strategic resources needed to recover from new and existing manufacturing challenges, to reposition for moving forward, and to respond to new business opportunities.


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Catalyst Connection is southwestern Pennsylvania's only private, nonprofit economic development organization dedicated to serving our region’s small and mid-sized manufacturers. We leverage our extensive internal industry expertise and industry connections, networks, and funds, to the benefit of local manufacturers in order to support, initiate, and advance operational improvement efforts and endeavors. 

At Catalyst Connection, we know that manufacturing is and always will be essential to our region's economic vitality and our shared ability to thrive as a community. But we also know that our region’s manufacturers may be unaware of the resources, programs, training, and partnership that will accelerate revenue growth, optimize processes, and improve productivity. 

That’s why we're committed to providing ongoing solutions that address the issues that manufacturers are facing today while getting ahead of future obstacles and empowering them to seize new opportunities. 

Our new guide will help you understand and access Catalyst Connection resources and new opportunities, navigate COVID-related changes and existing manufacturing challenges, and create a roadmap for COVID-19 recovery.

Strategic Partnership that Powers Your Manufacturing Potential

1. Workforce and Organizational Development 

2. Advanced Manufacturing Adoption, Development &                  Technology 

3. New Customer, Market, and Product Opportunities 

4. Process & Production Optimizations and                                    Improvements 


COVID-19 recovery starts with strategic planning and partnership, as well as understanding what resources are available and how to access them. 
Our guide covers the essential services we offer across the key areas of people, products, processes, and finance that lead to proven solutions for the issues that small and mid-sized manufacturers are facing today. 

Helping our region’s manufactures to address existing challenges, get ahead of future obstacles, and seize new opportunities for growth and profitability happens when strategic expertise, insights, and support are leveraged and applied across critical areas of manufacturing organizations, including:

Your Roadmap to COVID 19

Recovery Starts Here

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