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Manufacturing Apprenticeships

Manufacturing Apprenticeships provide viable pathways to long-term career success while developing the advanced skills required by manufacturers today.

Manufacturing Apprenticeships combine on-the-job training with classroom learning, enabling manufacturers to recruit and develop a workforce with the specific advanced skills to meet their needs.  Nationally, apprenticeships have seen a resurgence, but our experience indicates that local manufacturers need assistance to implement effective programs.  Catalyst Connection can assist employers in developing new manufacturing apprenticeships and/or expand existing programs through customized consulting; and facilitate collaboration among cohorts of small manufacturing companies to leverage efforts, curriculum and best practices. 

The Shortage of Skilled Workers is Expected to Increase

Nationally, nearly 2 million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled due to the skills gap. Regionally, demand for 30,000 new workers in manufacturing is projected over the next ten years.  These indicators point to the need for new and innovative solutions to fill the talent pipeline. Employers can develop their own manufacturing apprenticeships, which will bring in workers who will be trained with the unique skills needed for the company.

The Apprenticeship Toolkit

Catalyst Connection developed an Apprenticeship Toolkit to assist any employer who may be interested in starting a Manufacturing Apprenticeship. Please fill out the fields below and click "Submit" to download the Manufacturing Apprenticeship Toolkit.