Catalyst Connection partnered with Development Dimensions International (DDI) to leverage trends and best practices to help manufacturing organizations design powerful leadership development experiences that cultivate better leaders and create futures.

Our Leadership Development Playbook will provide the actionable insights that lead to executive transitions and leadership identification strategies that address organizational needs today and position forward for the future.

Through our Leadership Development Playbook, you'll learn how to:
•    Understand today's leadership landscape
•    Address what's getting in the way of effective leadership development
•    Approach leadership development with new viewpoints and insights
•    Implement best practices for designing or redesigning your leadership development strategies
•    Plan for what's next

Tools to Develop the Leaders of Tomorrow—Today

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Your company's leadership development approach is part of a constantly evolving landscape. Today's leaders must be managers of human relationships and emotional intelligence in the workplace, as well as manage a multitude of operational and organizational challenges and opportunities.

Transformative leadership approaches can take organizations to new heights. That's why organizations must focus on preparing, supporting, and developing leaders before and during critical leadership moments. For small and mid-sized manufacturing companies across southwestern Pennsylvania, creating and implementing strategies that build fulfilling long-term careers, cultivate a sense of personal and professional organizational investment, and identify tomorrow's leadership potential are essential parts of business-sustaining workforce development efforts.

Download your Leadership Development Playbook today to start identifying, developing, and supporting your current and future company leaders.